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I started describing my adventure in another thread where the title did not reflect my current task.
Background: I had Dish for a number of years, before that I had a DirectTivo for a number of years. On May 1st I cut the Dish cord and hooked up a Bolt OTA. The Bolt seems to be working fine for OTA.

I discovered that content producers still controlled getting streaming content. So I couldn't just stream a DIY show to my Firestick over the Internet. I had to subscribe to a service. Although the services are cheaper than the $130 I was paying Dish, they are still higher than being able to stream individual networks or shows (mostly not possible)

First thing I learned, if a streaming service doesn't have DVR, its not usable, period. So I signed up for Sling Orange/Blue. Seemed to have the networks my wife wanted and the sports, (when sports return) that I want. I paid the extra 5 bucks for DVR. Last night I was watching a DVR recording of Mountain Men and could not pause the show nor fast forward.

Second thing I learned, if you can't pause and fast forward, the service is not usable, period. To me the term DVR means time shifting, pause, and fast forward.

So scratch Sling and sign up for tv.Youtube. It has the DVR, the channels, and the sports. The only downside is it does not have DIY, a deal killer for my wife. So I specifically looked for where you can stream DIY and found Philo.com. Philo is only $20 per month and seems to have the networks that my wife loves and DVR with pause and fast forward. I'm missing on sports but I figure when sports return I can add back Sling orange just for football season.

Future updates will be coming.

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A couple things I have found.

With Sling TV, I found that the only way you would get the DVR recording over the VOD show, was to access your recording through the MyDVR button. If you click on the show in any other spot, even resume watching, you end up with the VOD version. I have not tried the particular show you mentioned.

When sports end for the season, usually NBA, I switch to Philo. Philo usually has smaller icons on the show icons that say VOD or DVR. Your DVR option is not always shown as an option on the show icons. If you do a long press on Select, it brings up a deeper menu. Click on All Episodes and it will show you a DVR option when available.

My must have station is AXS TV and it's only only Sling or Philo. Good luck with your search !
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