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Finally Upgraded Series 1-> Tivo HD

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I've been lurking for a few weeks to determine if I should take the latest Tivo HD plunge, and for sub $300, its a lot more paaltable, so I took the plunge.

The fact that you can get the multi-user discount was a huge draw as well, paying only $7 a month is something I can live with.

Series 1 did not have any bells and whistles other than the straight beautiful Tivo software interface. So I did not know what I was missing with online scheduling, amazon unbox, tivocasts, podcasts etc. Tivo has come a long way in 8 years. I've already watched 3 new premiers, how cool is that

For now I've kept my Cable HD DVR for the new fall season so I get 4 tuners, I've downgraded my package to get rid of HBO and Showtime to the family cable package and even with the new Tivo fees, even keeping the HD DVR my cable bill is less. This was a nice seliing point to convince myself and my wife to splurge on the new Tivo.

The series 1 has been relegated to basement status and reality and basic cable shows where High Def is not an issue.

It is great to get back to the world of Tivo in glorious High Def.

I still have antenna issues to work out, and eventually I'll be going the fios/cable card route when it becomes available, but for now its great to relegate the Cable DVR to backup status now.

I've missed you Tivo, its great to be back and schedule a Season Pass in seconds... :up: :up: :up:
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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