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I have noticed that some wishlists are filtered for duplicates, and others are not.

For example, if I view showings for an actor wishlist of "Robert Redford & MOVIES" then I see exactly one entry for "An Unfinished Life". Selecting that movie reveals that it is showing 6 different times. This is good, and is how it should work. My main wishlist results list remains uncluttered, showing me the 9 movies that meet the criteria, not the 32 showings of those 9 movies.

However, if I view a category wishlist for "MOVIES/WAR" then every upcoming showing of "Tora! Tora! Tora!" is listed separately. The wishlist reports there are 105 matches, even though there are only about 50 unique matches; the rest are additional showings. This is not good.

I suppose I could imagine some rationale why a category wishlist is unfiltered, but it would be nice if it were filtered as well, at least optionally.
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