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filesystem disk help?

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I have 2 DTivo receivers that are hacked with "the zipper" when I check the information system through TWP 2.0 I see that the "filesystem/disk information" shows "filesystem /dev/hda9 capacity 19% mounted on /var" on both my receivers, I remember that was a post in here showing how to reduced the capacity % of the filesystem in hda9, can someone please refresh me in how to do it? thanks for the help
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If it's only at 19% then why do you need more space? You've still got 81% left. To clear up space, delete stuff or move it to root /. Remove all the logs in /var/log while you're at, that's probably eating up a bunch of space. No real need to run e2fsck on /var since the tivo does it on it's own each time it reboots.

But the real ? remains, why is 81% free not enough?
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