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time to emancipate
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Wasn't sure if I should just put this in with the current thread regarding the Tivo Wireless G adapter. Someone can move it if need be.
Here's my situation. i have a one hour recording that I am trying to transfer to my desktop pc. It was recorded in High Quality and I think I saw where it was 1.6GB.
The transfer through tivo desktop shows 1 hr. and 3 minutes for the transfer. Does that sound about right?

BTW network configuration Desktop pc is conncted to wired router which is connected to Linksys wireless G w/speedbooster. Tivo Wirelss g is (of course) connected to above mentioend linksys.

Side Note- How can I tell the actual size of the file while browsing the tivo? I know I saw it somewhere, just can't remember.
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