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Fed Up with Time Warner!

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Hey Guys-

So I finally got rid of the TW dvr (SA8300HD) and got my TivoHD. Waited a week for TW to come out and install the cable cards since they wouldnt let me do it after tell me twice to just come in and pick them up! :mad: Tech comes and hasnt ever done a cable card install before. I had to be at work so I left my girlfriend home.

Now I have one cablecard working perfect and the other not getting anything digital, only hd broadcast and locals. Call TW to have the card hit/initialized and they cant do it so now I wait another week for a tech to come "fix" it! Grrr! Any suggestions? Should I call and get a supervisor on the phone?

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If your second card is getting HD broadcast channels and locals, it's getting digital.

Since you don't tell us exactly WHY they say they can't "do it' without a tech being at your home, I'd most certainly ask to talk to a Supervisor.

I'd also like to suggest you point out that you already paid for the one visit, which should have made both cards work, and that the first tech apparently left without making sure the job was done.

I wouldn't agree to pay for a second visit, and insist this be a freebie (if it's even necessary in the first place).
gastrof said:
If your second card is getting HD broadcast channels and locals, it's getting digital.
But some companies broadcast the HD in the clear.

Some cable cards don't work, because the cable companies don't really want them to, so they don't do any real quality control. Call a supervisor, and tell him you need the card replaced, and not to come with the card until they've tested it in their office. Do not pay for this. You've already paid for installation.
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