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Started this issue in another thread last week, however it seems the issue has changed a bit so thought a new thread better.

When I first got the cablecards installed accessing the lineup was slow, I posted and was told indexing might take up to 72 hours so I waited before replying back to the thread here:


Its been 6 days now and the issue has not got any better. I called Tivo support and was told by the tech this was the first he had heard of this issue and was going to try it out on a Tivo HD while I was on hold. Turns out he could not get to a TivoHD so he shot the issue up to an engineer that was going to get back to me, that was four days ago.

Now, something else I have found out. This only happens with "Favorite Channels" If I go into Find Programs/Record by Time and Channel/Brows by Time/Favorite Channels and select day and time and hit the arrow button to see whats on its 45 seconds before I get a lineup

Same when I scroll to the botton of the current lineup displayed and continue to say the next hour, again 45 second wait for a lineup.

However, if I choose Brows by "All Channels" rather then favorite channels I get a lineup in about 3 to 5 seconds

I'm hoping someone could set up a few "favorite Channels" on their Tivo HD and post their results here please.

I even tried eliminating some of the "Favorite Channels" in case I had to many which were 6 or if one particular channel was causing problems and tried it again and seemed like it got worse and the delay was up to one minute?
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