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Falling Skies "Prisoner of War" 6/26/11

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How did a school on the outskirts of Boston end up with so many New York Daily News front pages on their bulletin board?
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How did a school on the outskirts of Boston end up with so many New York Daily News front pages on their bulletin board?
Maybe by then New York was the nearest city with a going newspaper?

Hell, the way things are going I could see that happening even without an alien invasion! :D
I was left somewhat disappointed by this episode, but I'm not sure I can put my finger on why. The whole thing with Sawyer's surprise reveal as a cook (chef) just seemed off, but that was just a part of it. I'm still invested enough to keep watching, though.
Maybe I've been playing D&D too long, but it seemed as if all the big reveals were telegraphed ahead of time. Even so, I'm enjoying it. The actors are doing a good job, and the plot is fairly believable.
I found it very interesting that in an interview Noah Wylie stated that the pilot is almost 2 years old as of this summer, and filming for the rest of the series was done 2nd half of last year.
I think this episode pretty much debunks the theory that the skitters are pets or a slave race considering that the skitter seemed to be in charge.

I'm still enjoying the ride.
The whole thing with Sawyer's surprise reveal as a cook (chef) just seemed off, but that was just a part of it.

I loved the episode.

I don't like Pope's character but the show is very compelling. So far I think it's as good as walking dead. Well have to see if it stays that good but I'm loving it so far
Still not feeling it, and after hanging with V for two less than stellar seasons I think I've had enough of the alien invasion genre for now.
I liked Pope as Major Davis on SG-1, but I'm not sure he has the range to pull off the biker as chef deal.

I also hope that we haven't seen the Master Vs yet. If it turns out to be the skittles, that would be a disappointment.
I still think the skitters are not the dominant alien life form.

Teenagers still do slow, half assed work even under alien mind control. :)
Wow....this is SO bad. Acting is awful, music is sappy, plot it thin....ugh....SP gone.
I enjoy it. Shows that I watch by myself seem to be becoming more of a rarity in my DVRs, and I'm thankful for the distraction every once in a while.

I think it's a little too much like Independence Day (which seems even more apparent based on the previews from last week and this week). I can't say that's a reason to dislike the show, because I liked the movie, but I'm hoping for some more original ideas as well.

With the myriad alien invasion shows and movies, originality seems harder and harder to come by, but I applaud this effort.

After two episodes, I think I may have a handle on some of the major plot points going forward. Though they are just speculation, I'll spoilerize them just in case:

I think given the evidence we've seen, the harness is not just a control mechanism. I believe it changes the host slowly into a skitter, and they have to use kids as they are still growing and their bodies are most susceptible, which is why they just kill adults. I think the investigation of the POW with reveal that they have some kind of vestigial human physiology that will lead to this discovery.

They also seem to make the hosts telepathic with the skitters.
Like the second hour of last week, it put me to sleep... That's enough of this.

When Noah Wyle's character was asking everybody to put pictures of their kids up on the board, I couldn't tell if he was being sarcastic or serious. (Along the lines of, "That'll shut them up!")
I'm Dr. Blowtorch, master of the subtle art of medicine!

Also, the only one who doesn't need to wear gloves during the procedure!
This show is over-dramatic, but not stupidly over-dramatic. I'll give it another week or two.
I am enjoying the show so far, and am intrigued as to how it will continue. I'm not one that gets hung up on every little detail that isn't perfect as long as it doesn't pull me out of the show.

I believe they are doing a decent job at getting the desperation of the civilians across, and it's interesting to see them trying to maintain a society (aka holding school lessons)
I think it's pretty good. A lot less campy than shows like V. You can see Speilgerg's touches in this. It's not emmy award worthy, but it's good escapist summer fare. So far, I'm liking most of the new cable stuff.
I forgot to record this show and just caught up using tvtorrents. I like it. it's decent entertainment. I like the fact that it's a 10 episode miniseries. I wasn't sure how long they can keep me interested. Knowing that the end is near (and not because of cancellation or suckage) is good news.
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