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In March (2.75 months ago) I was given a working TiVo Premiere XL (model TCD748000) with "Product Lifetime Service".
I got it transferred to my account, with the Media Access Key changed to that of my other TiVos.

This TiVo seemed to be working well, with only two strange things, as I recall them:
- This one is not particularly a problem to me, but it was not the behavior I expected:
There were some existing recordings, which would have had the previous owner's Media Access Key, which I "deleted" - i.e. to the "Recently Deleted Recordings" folder.
I thought they would actually get deleted from there as new recordings filled up the disk, but they stayed and the indicator of disk usage stayed at 94% (I think it was)
and never went to 100% until I manually deleted those recordings from the "Recently Deleted Recordings" folder and more recordings were made.
- This one was an actual small problem for me:
I didn't generally view recordings from this TiVo, but sometimes copied them to a PC or another TiVo to save or view.
Once in a while a copy request would produce a truncated file, with the actual length/time shorter than the indicated recorded program length/time, without transferring
the last part of the program, and without any indication of an error. I had never had this problem with other TiVos. This made me suspicious of disk problems. I have
not noticed this recently, and don't know if has stopped happening, or I just haven't copied a file that would have the problem.

Anyway, I thought it would be a good idea to copy the apparently working disk, at least the TiVo software and structure if not the recordings, to a new disk.
  • I bought a 4TB WD Red Plus (WD40EFZX).
  • I downloaded the MFSTool ISO image (current as of 2022-06-20) and burned it to a DVD.
  • I thought I would have to tear apart the PC enough to get to two SATA interfaces for the old and new disks, and maybe have to create a USB boot "disk" if there were only
two SATA interfaces. However, I tried them in a Sabrent USB 2-drive SATA disk nest attached to a USB-2 interface (older Windows 10 system with no USB-3 interfaces),
and it appeared to be working, so I used that.
- CrystalDiskInfo was able to report on S.M.A.R.T. information for both drives. The CrystalDiskInfo report did not seem to show any problems in the S.M.A.R.T. attributes.
(The old drive is a 1TB WD10EVVS, and showed "Power On Count" = 77, and "Power On Hours" = 83575, over 9.5 years! So that is probably the original drive.)

Now for the copying problem.
The command "mfstool copy sdb sdc" produced these error messages:
Copy source: Input/output error reading volume header.
Copy source: sdb10: No such file or directory.
I've attached a photo of the monitor and messages (and a ghostly reflection of me...).
Computer Font Technology Screenshot Terrestrial plant

Should these error messages be produced using an apparently working TiVo disk? Could there be an MFSTool or PC hardware issue?
Did I use MFSTool wrong? What should I try now? Should I forget about copying and request a new image for a TCD748000?

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The command line should use the full Linux device names, and also include the -a option if you want to keep your recordings. Assuming that sdb is the source drive and sdc is the destination drive (please verify this first with the "fdisk -l" command), it should look like this.

mfstool copy -a /dev/sdb /dev/sdc

you can also use mfscopy instead of mfstool copy.

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I have found the "TiVo Upgrade Center" area, and that seems to me like a better fit for the problem, so let's redirect any responses or discussion there.
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