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A new major version of EyeTV has been announced for the Mac platform. The EPG is available from the app itself, as well as through the www.tvtv.co.uk website. Recordings can be scheduled from the website so can be set up over the Internet.

I have attached a screen shot of the very nice, new EPG.

For those who don't know about EyeTV it is a basic PVR for the Mac. What sets it apart if that you can so easily edit and send recordings to DVD via Roxio Toast and now there is an option to send recordings to a video iPod.

Elgato make boxes for Freeview, satellite and terrestrial.

Not generally up to TiVo standards, no series links :-( but much better in certain respects, like DVD creation, recording of the digital stream etc.. I use it where I know I will want to archive the recording, or where I have a clash with something scheduled on the TiVo. In this case I burn to a DVD-RW.


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