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I'm having a Tivo Bolt issue after trying to use an external drive and I'm hoping someone can guide me. Here's what's going on...

I repurposed a USB/eSata Thermaltake enclosure and put in a WD Purple 2TB drive WD20PURZ into it. I bought a SATA extension cable and it's plugged directly into the drive (yes, i cut a hole in the enclosure to do it). I plugged another SATA cable into the Tivo Bolt after taking it apart and connected that to the extension SATA cable. Yes, my Tivo Bolt is running TE4.

I powered the external drive first and waited about 10 seconds. Then I plugged in the Tivo Bolt. I get the Tivo Symbol on the TV but, about a minute later, it goes blank and then says no HDMI Connection. The green light on the front of the Tivo is the only light on right now.

Is this a sign of a bad drive? Do you think I need to write zeros to the drive? Any other suggestions? I might try swapping out the SATA cable I am using???

Yes, I've used Google and search function to see if I could find someone that had a similar problem but no luck.

I bought this drive and decided to try it because the first WD internal drive I tried was on the known bad list for TE4. The WD Purple drive was not on the known bad list for the TE4.

Thanks in advance,
IT Guy for a long time now

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I unplugged the Tivo Bolt.
Then I unplugged the ethernet cable and the HDMI cable.
The Hard drive was still powered on.
I plugged the Tivo Bolt in while nothing but the external drive and the coax cable was connected.
The green light came on. The yellow light started flashing for a little bit.
I waited about 2 minutes.
Then I reached around and plugged the HDMI and ethernet cable in.
It started working and I got the Tivo guided setup screen.

I am up and running with my WD Purple 2TB drive. Woohoo!

I just need to retrofit my USB external enclosure with a fan later this weekend with a cutout and a little fancy wiring using the USB B plug on the back
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