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Does anybody watch the show Expedition Unknown, on the Discovery Channel. (It apparently was originally on the Travel Channel but moved to Discovery at some point.)

I *think* I accidentally caught it a few months ago when one of the SpaceX launch shows was on, and the guide data was not necessarily accurate regarding west coast time.. so I set a big manual recording ALONG with whatever was in the guide.

Anyway, somehow I watched an episode and sort of got hooked (despite, as I always say, tivoing far more than I can watch already, and paying for streaming services for tons more).

This is DESPITE being very mildly annoyed by some of the gimmicks:
* He sort of tries to be a low rent Indiana Jones. That's at least what his usual attire seems to be alluding to.
* The EDITING of the show is worse as in more manipulative than any reality show.. Right before a commercial break, there's VERY often a "Hey Josh! COME OVER HERE" or some other supposed accident, and right after the commercial break, it's _usually_ nothing.
* This is actually sort of a positive and sort of a negative.. VERY often, he goes and tells the story/they explore something... and the story just sort of ENDS with no resolution. Like they're leaving the people currently searching for so and so fortune keeping going. Once in a while, he does conclude something is a hoax and just says so.

What I do like, that others may dislike, is that he makes a lot of pop culture references.. yes in mostly obvious places, but still.

(There's also an "Expedition X" show, which apparently aired earlier this year, that is the sort of the same idea, about UFO/paranormal/etc kinds of stories.)

Some eps also air as Expedition Unknown Uncovered or something.. but they don't seem to be popup video or anything.

There are also eps airing most weeks now under the same show title as "Josh Gates Tonight", where he talks to pop culture people. Last night was a Stephen King related episode (SK himself wasn't on).
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