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Exchanging hard drives

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I have 1 Philips 7000/17 Directv / Tivo unit and a Directv R300 unit. Is it possible to exchange hard drives with little difficulty. This is my first time on this forum, and I'm kinda new to playing with these units. I've read where they talk about reimaging the hard drives, I would like to know what software to use to copy and reimage the drives, also does anyone know what the USB ports on these units are good for other than for future use. On the new R300 units I was told by Directv that there is two versions, one is the early R300 which is only a R150 repackaged, and the second one is a true R300 with Macrovision built in. My first R300/R150 would let you record to a DVRD unit with no problem, they had to replace it 3 weeks later the unit crapped out, the replacement unit has Macrovision built in it and won't let you record from it at all. I'm trying to put my old Philips 7000/17 unit back to work with hopefully a larger drive, and put the smaller drive in the R300. Any advise?
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I am not familiar with the R300 designation. Is this an old UltimateTV box? In any case, the drives are not interchangeable. For the DSR7000, which is TiVo-based, you can purchase a CD image called InstantCake which will properly format and install the TiVo software on a hard disk of your choice.
Doesn't seem to be a UltimateTV box either. What exactly is this R300 box?
Could it be a version of the R15?
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