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Exact same channel linueup change everyday with ExpressVu

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Hey everbody,

Every time my Tivo's connect for guide updates, I get a message saying there has been a Channel Lineup Change. I get the same message every day for the exact same channels. There's a few deleted channels, and a few that have moved. My lineup never seems to remember the update.

Is this a problem higher up from where the guide info comes from or will calling Tivo C.S. help?

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Have you repeated Guided Setup to actually select the updated channel lineup?
I gave that a shot last night. I presed 'Enter' when in the channel list to repeat that part of the guided setup. I will check later today after the next update to see what happens.

Is that normal to have to repeat the setup if channels get shuffled around? I thought it was only if you changed providers?

Thanks for the reply!
Yes, tht is normal.
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