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ESPN 3D on FiOS w/TiVo HD

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ESPN 3D on my Panasonic looks good, not great like I have come to expect from FiOS TV. But I think it's more of an technological issue than anything, hopefully someone can confirm my thinking:

So IF 3D is transmitted in 1080i/p, and that's a big if, then because of the top and bottom format of the 3D picture I'm only seeing a 540 vertical resolution. But if 3D is transmitted in 720 like I suspect, then we're talking a mere 360 vertical resolution. There's no way they're using 480 SD is there?

What I don't know is the horizontal resolution; the picture doesn't look scaled horizontally, but if the vertical resolution is 360 like I suspect then I can only assume the horizontal resolution is 640. Make sense?
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So by my calculation, we're talking about a 640 x 360 screen resolution for ESPN 3D. A 3D BluRay is then 960 x 540 but looks exponentially better. Oh well. Hopefully someday all HD will be 1080p.
I haven't seen it personally but my understanding is that it's a 360 horizontal resolution, but still has the full vertical resolution. So technically 1280x360. Then upscaled to 720p by the TV.
Ah-ha! Upscaled to 720. That's the missing piece of my logic! Thanks BigJim! So from a TiVo perspective is there any benefit to changing the output to 720p? I currently have it set to 1080i Fixed.
If I had a 3DTV and that channel in my Fios package, I'd be able to look. But my gut tells me that 720p or native is the best way to go when viewing that channel.
I could use some help from those of you that got through to someone that actually knows something at Verizon. So, Brian Stewart (you stupid twit, you hung up on me) in Customer Support at Verizon FIOS told me I simply HAD TO ditch my TiVo and get a Verizon HD tuner if I wanted ESPN 3D. He hung up on me when I suggested that this might be a violation of Section 629 of the Telecommunications Act of 1996. I called back and ended up with Brad (ID #158933) in technical support that, after about 30 minutes and lots of hold time for conferences with unheard superiors, told me that only the Verizon Motorola HD tuner would work and that CableCards would NOT work.

I thought of calling the FCC to come at them from that direction, but it seems at least one or two of you have actually succeeded where I have failed. What am I doing wrong here? Do you have at least one HD tuner and this is why you are getting them to turn on the service? Or or is there some magic incantation that I need to recite to customer service or technical support that I have overlooked? There appears to be a note to CS that the customer MUST have an HD tuner to get this service activated now...
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I don't have Fios, but yes, cablecards work with it.
I didn't do anything to get it, just tuned to channel 1002. I have the Ultimate package, where it's included; my understanding is that it's $10 extra with lower packages. I have one SD Fios receiver, but my HD is only through TiVos.

I don't have a 3D TV, so I have no idea if it actually works with a TiVo. I just see two parallel images, one on top and one below.
I've got a TiVo HD and it handles 1002 just fine. I watched the Masters in 3D both live and from a recording. It was actually pretty good.

Verizon has video on demand 3d movies from Starz and HBO. TiVo can't show those.
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