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The only way i could get rid of the error was to just uninstall tivo desktop, then delete all the tivo files left behind in the Application Data folders, then i removed all the registry keys by hand that were left behind. i think i found about 3 sets of tivo keys under the software section of multiple HKEY's. Hope it helps, even though i now see this is a majorly old thread.

To psturm:
c:\Users\*user tivo installed for*\AppData\Local\Tivo Desktop

AppData is a hidden folder, so you can either just manually type it in at the top of your windows explorer window or you can show hidden files and folders

1. Open up your C: drive and the upper right corner you'll see an Organize Tab, click it
2. Go to Folders and Search Options
3. Go to View
4. Go down a few options and you should see a bubble to "Show Hidden Files and Folders"
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