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I Have a Humax 300 hr, model T2500, and have had it for about 2 years now with wireless networking setup. The last week or so i noticed my picture was starting to scramble i thought it was the Verizon Fios service, i checked my other tvs but they did not have the problem. yesterday it got really bad so i checked it out some more found out it was my tivo doing it.i reset the tv twice to no avail, this morning i turned on my tv and a message came on saying i was about to run out of programs i reset the tivo again it workes fine untill the load info section, then gets to 2% i Hear some clicking sounds in my tivo box and shows a S03 Error could not download info, any suggestions ?? After my oroginal post i took of the back dusted it and could not find any burned out parts and everything looks good i tried to reset the unit a few more time includung the 1930s version of using the phone line. but still nothing i have done everything i can think of short of reseting the whole unit back to factory. I really need some help here Please
thanks Woodey11
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