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I went to watch a program on my S2 (connected to a cable box) I recorded Saturday night and the following message pops up when I go to play it:
Error playing a recording

The Recorder was not able to record this program because there was no video signal on the channel. You may have been trying to record on a channel that you don't receive.

Press SELECT to continue
What's bizarre is that the program says it is 30 minutes long and is taking up .79 GB of storage just like every other 30 minute show on my TiVo. Normally if there is no signal it simply shows as 0 minutes long.

Also my S3 recorded the program fine so there wasn't a cable outage.

The only weird thing I can think that I was doing at the time was I was trying to transfer a short clip onto a VCR and when I accidentally deleted the program and then restored it (twice). I'm not sure if this screwed up the recording somehow or whatever.

Only that one program has an issue.

There's nothing in the Recording history about a problem.
I tried a reboot of the TiVo, but the error was still there.

I suppose it possible the cable box stopped outputting for whatever reason (I was fiddling with stuff last night), but normally the program just isn't recorded in that case (duration is 0 minutes and size is 0 GB).

Anyone ever see this?
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