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Hi, We have a series 2 dvr and connect via linksys wireless network. Things were going fine until we added our new laptop to the network. My husband reset the linksys and now every time I try to connect tivo I get an error message "network cable unplugged".

I have unplugged and plugged back in everything twice, restarted the tivo, changed network settings with the appropriate passcode, but nothing seems to help.

By all accounts, it looks like we are connected (i.e. the connection light is on, not blinking, on the tivo router - all lights are on on the linksys router - when I pull up the 'phone & network' screen on the tivo it shows the connection to the linksys, albeit a poor 15% to 30% connection).

It just won't connect! Any one have any ideas as to the problem?
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