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error message: cannot transfer to dvr

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I am having very similar problem as another user in regards to watching video from my pc on my tivo. the other user used mac, i use windows.

i get this message: There was a problem transferring the requested program to this DVR. To view which programs won't be transferred and why, go to TiVo Central and select "Pick Programs to Record"-"To Do List"-"View Recording History".

when i go to the "to do list" it says that it can't transfer the video because the video is too large or corrupt. i converted the movie to .wmv format.

any help will be appreciated...thanks in advance
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Are you using TiVoDesktop PLUS?
yes i am using desktop plus...i installed 2.4a + the upgrade license key
The file plays fine on your PC?
I would think that the problem lies in your conversion to .wmp
yes it plays fine on the pc and i also burned it to dvd...one thing i did notice is after i converted the movie i could no longer move ahead in the movie by moving the cursor in windows media player
What format is the original file? What program did you use to convert it?
i don't remember what the original format was...i converted it a couple weeks ago...i used winavi video converter.
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