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Erroneous "No Connection" Error

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Both my Premieres started giving a giving bogus " No Connection - Your Tivo is not connected to the network" error in the HDUI menus at about 4:00pm CDT.

The TiVos can see each other, can make their daily connections, pass the port configuration and DNS tests. So they are connected to the Internet.

I figure the problem is somewhere upstream. Either the TiVo servers are down, suffering from a DoS attack or my ISP is blocking. I am Comcast Houston.

Anyone else seeing this problem?
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Same exact symptoms here...Cablevision/Central NJ.
Same here. TiVo Premiere - Cablevision Monmouth. My network is up and running perfectly. I have an XBOX and a bluray player on the same hub and they are working with no problem. WTF TiVo?
It'd be one thing if the ads/recommended shows just didn't display, but to gray out Netflix when the box says it is connected to the Internet is a HUGE flaw in the OS.
Same here in Houston/Comcast, on hold with TiVo support, like forever!
I'm having the same problem - been this way for about 45 min - (so around 4:15 est) :mad:
Just got off the phone with TiVo support, should be fixed about now, they have been having their own network connection problems

I am back online now... can waste the rest of my evening playing on my TiVo
I switched to the SD menus. Just checked the HDUI and still shows "No Connection"
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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