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Errg... another Maxtor dies, but how to get Tivo back

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Been having some intermittent freeze-ups on a S2 unit, which was upgraded with a Maxtor 160GB about 1.5 yrs ago. Today, the GSOD came and didn't go away after several hrs. Suspected the hard drive (I've had 3 maxtors die in the past 2 months in various equipment... go figure), and re-installed the original TIVO supplied Maxtor 40GB that I took out of the machine originally.

With the new, old (e.g. original 40GB drive) installed, the Tivo booted, and things looked OK. It obviously needed to connect and get acquainted with the new software. Well, it connected via network, downloaded whatever it wanted, and went to reboot. Things seemed to be working before the download -- i.e. it found the network, and I could navigate menus. Didn't try to play out already recorded shows, but didn't sense anything was amiss with the unit with this "new" Hard Drive.

On reboot, said there was a Hardware Error #51, and to restart the system again. Am continuing to get this error upon successive reboots.

Before I attempt the pleasures of trying to navigate Tivo Tech Support, does anyone know what error 51 is?

I'm attempting right now to clear off all the old recorded info; if that don't work, I'll retry guided setup.

Any help appreciated.
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You'll need to perform a "delete & clear everything" to solve the Error 51 problem. Usually this is a symptom when the Tivo image file comes from a different Tivo.
litzdog911: Thanks. Your advice worked like a champ.

A couple last questions:

1) Is there a file or FAQ that has these error codes listed? or do they reside only in the neurons on the people in this board?

2) I know I bought a spare 160gb drive a couple of weeks ago; however all I found was a box with an older 40gb drive in it, and a teenage son who keeps smiling when I ask about it... hmmm..... any advice?

3) I'll look around for advice about disks... VERY disappointed by Maxtor lately -- I have several from 4-5 years ago that still work perfectly, but lately not so good. Is there a site that does more science about drive failures in machines like TIVO (which is a very demanding life) -- rather than the screams of opinions that usually follow a question of this type on a public board.
1. In our neurons :) Actually, I just use the board's Search function a lot.

2. Take away the car keys?

3. There is a post from Weaknees in the Tivo Upgrade Center Forum where they compared various hard drives. The Maxtor QuickView's are supposedly the best since they're designed specifically for DVR applications.
Yet another reason why I refuse to buy Maxtor drives. Absolute garbage IMHO. Fully 100% of the failed drives that I have experienced (as well as those experienced by those I know) have been Maxtor. Just had a S2 die on me two days ago. Maxtor drive. While I was replacing the drive, a friend called me up to say his PC drive crashed. maxtor... Don't know why they still make the crap they do. The only drives I will buy for personal use anymore are Seagate Barracudas. Never had a single problem with any Seagate in over 20 years of using them. I still have an old 286 computer from 1986 with it's original 32MB (yes, that's Mega, not Giga) Seagate drive installed and purring along.
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