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Sirius Black said:
I'm getting a little tired of the Billy character as well.

Are there really places in the hills of Los Angeles where there isn't a cell phone signal? Anyone know where that location was?
I lived in LA for 3 years, and while I didn't have a cell phone then (it was 1990) I know the hills that separate the Valley from Hollywood are probably the answer. You would think that cells and satellites wouldn't care about if you were on a hill or not, but there are magnetic fields at play around certain land features that can play havoc with phone signals. I now live in very flat Miami, and there are plenty of dead spots and other problems with cell signals here. The other issue with cell phones is usage. There are a limited number of call that can be made at the same time in the same area on one network. Either might explain the problem.

Add me to the list of fans that are sick of Billy. His directing and/or writing MUST be genius for people to put up with his crappy attitude. I say let him go back to directing pornos and let's move the story along.
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