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erwildcat said:
It seems to me that ALL of my DTV programs start recording :30 to 1:00 late. Does anyone else notice this and is there a fix?
erwildcat, I actually ran across this thread doing a search for just that problem. It seems - even when the recording is on a channel that is already tuned in from previous viewing or recording - that there is a bit of time chopped off the beginning (30 to 60 seconds?). Happening more lately than it was before. On the green bar at the bottom there is actually a blank space corresponding to the time missed.

Due to programs scheduled for recording before and at the same time, it's not always possible to pad recordings (I watch WAY TOO much TV). For example, "Lost" is recording at 7:00 (Central Time) and "Alias" is scheduled right after that. Also was recording "Revelations", so padding was not an option. "Lost" recording ends as expected, but the first minute or so of "Alias" is missing from the recording of "Alias", and a gap exists at the front of the green bar. It also happened this past week with "Third Watch" and I had not been recording anything before that started.

Is this a symptom of something I should be worried about? It gets kind of frustrating.

Any thoughts, anybody?

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