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Help? It was probably over my head, but I with all the help from Weaknees and Hinsdale on the web, I thought I could add a 160GB drive to my DSR6000R01. Had some minor problems, but ltimately followed the latest Weaknees upgrade instructions. In doing so, I accidentally loaded into XP with my TIVO drive attached; buyt proceeded with the upgrade.
So I am in the process of running MAKETIVOBOOTABLE. I've tried both command options (the root=/dev/hda4 and the root=/dev/hda7 versions).
Neither seems to work.
I'm guessing I need to enable byte swapping. How? Using MFS 2.0, I've tried the command vmlnodma hdc=bswap, but it doesn't recognize vmlnodma.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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