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Hi all. Just joined this site. Wonderful!!! So much to read and learn. I have a question I was not able to find an answer too, at least not the answer I wanted to read :) If it has been posted somewhere, please forgive me.

I have posted this question in the DVD TiVO units forum as well.

My Question: How can I Enable the "enable transfers" on a Toshiba RS-TX20 Series 2, If I cannot access this option via the TiVO website?? Is there another way besides paying for servce and then having access via the website? The TiVO Desktop cannot find the DVR.

I purchased at Best Buy an open box unit RS-TX20 Series 2 a year or 2 ago. Software Ver: 8.3-01-2-565 Service level C: C is as I understand it means Lifetime Subscription.

The previous owner had a lifetime service plan on it but transferred it to his new unit. My unit has ALL of the capabilities of a Subscribed Plus system EXCEPT transferring of movies and photos music, The Amazon UnBox. This unit is set up to connect via Broadband and works nicely.

On the TiVo Central screen I see and can access the Music, Photos, Products & More. See and access the Yahoo stuff. Under Find Programs I have the option Download TV & More option. But the screen says that my unit is not set to transfer. I need to go to the support page and activate this function. All of the other features still work, Wish Lists, searching, Tivo Suggestions, adding minutes onto the beginning or ending of recordings, etc...

This unit does not show up when I log into TiVo website. It shows no active units. I have 2 others RS-TX60 units that are Basic TiVO. These are not listed, understandably so, since they do not have a Subscription on them.

Any help would be appreciated.

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The line you want is TiVo Account Status. It will say 5: Lifetime for a Lifetime box.

Service Level, it seems to me, is the date the current service keys are set to expire.

Transfers are part of the paid service.

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It sounds like you need to call TiVo Customer Support and get the TSN of the TX20 box associated with your account.

Service Level C, as mentioned above, is not Lifetime service. Next to the C will be a series of numbers that indicate what date you're paid up through (i.e., C: 091907 means Sept. 19, 2007).

It's strange that the unit has been working for a year. Maybe the previous owner used a gift subscription card on it so it had pre-paid service.

At any rate, you'll need to call TiVo to get the TSN associated to your tivo.com account so you can then manage it (and enable transfers).

edit: I found your other post and it sounds like you have spoken to TiVo Support and know you don't have lifetime service ... so the numbers next to your C service level will tell you when all of your Plus stuff will go away unless you pay for a subscription.
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