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Empty playback including live TV

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I just had my Premiere do something odd. I went to watch a recording and the screen was black and the progress bar was empty, i.e. no green. All recordings had the same problem, including the live buffers. Restarted and everything is working properly again.

s/w version 14.8.U2-01-3-746
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your unit is probably failing in the drive. thats exactly what happened to my XL. after thinking it was TWC's problem after a month of them trying to fix the problem, i played around with the kickstart codes, and realized my TIVO is FAULTY.
I've had drives fail on me before and have never seen this particular problem.
This exact thing happened to me this morning!. It is a refurb that I have had for about 1 month. The live tv doesn't work and at first I thought it was an antenna problem but it also won't playback any recorded shows or even Netflix shows. The menus work and I can select everything except when you expect a show to start it just goes to a black screen.

After rebooting, it seems to be working again but if something is failing I hope Tivo replaces it. Before this happened, I was looking at the amazon instant video list. By chance, were you looking at that before this happened to you? Perhaps a bug?
I have never looked at the Amazon instant video list. As I recall, I had just finished watching a previously recorded show and was trying to watch another one.

Mine is possibly a refurb also. It is a replacement for one that was fried by lightning. I got it 9 days ago.
i promise you, the TIVO IS FAILING. these units are bunk.
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