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Elite Multi-Room Streaming still working?

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I had my usual problem with boxes starting to not see eachother, so I rebooted my router and my Elite can now see all the others, but now I find I cannot stream any longer. Transfers are still available, but streaming isn't shown as an option.

Anyone else?

I have one of each below, and I know its not avaialble on the 3's, but my Elite won't do it from anything. Of course, I just checked my PXL in another room and (though it still can't see the Elite, go figure) it can stream from my P or transfer from S3's.

I just want everything to work right, and stay working!! Arrrrrgh!!!

P Elite,
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Mine is still working between a premier and elite.
I use streaming every day from my Premiere and Premiere XL boxes to my Elite. Most of my daily SPs are on my two tuner Premiere boxes.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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