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Hey all-

I have a bunch of shows stored in my Tivo where I only want to save about 10 minutes of the actual program. For instance, when a favorite band of mine is on Leno or an actor is on Ellen or something. Is there a way I can go in after the fact and block a chunk of time to save and delete the rest? Or, is it possible to transfer just a 10 minute chuck of time to a VHS tape and not the whole program?

I have a feeling that the only option I have is to try to time my Tivo and set it to manually record a block of time that I think I'll want to keep.

Any advice folks?
Thanks :)

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To transfer only 10 minutes to a VCR, start the TiVo playing at the beginning of that block and press Record on the VCR. Then press Stop on the VCR when that block ends.

No way to do this on the TiVo itself.
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