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It worked really well... For the novice it might be confusing because there is no installation notification. No obvious way to determine the next step - you have to go to the tray, find the pytivo icon and right click on it for options.

It would be nice if the dialog to choose a file directory were presented to the user immediately following install.

That said: It was quick and sweet... I didn't have to install and configure, I didn't have to setup pytivo as a service....

Really nice job!
I have an old Direct TV Tivo Premier, I tried to set it up but It won't work. I was told that once you take it off of the Direct TV, something happens to the hard drive and it becomes unusable? Is that true? Can I get around it? Do I have to install a new Hard Drive? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I wanted to use it to share the movies on my Tivo Premier in another room.

Thank you for any help you can offer.

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