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dvr won't let go of my movie?

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first time user !
friday at 6:00 pm began cycling between
"welcome powering up" and "almost there, just a few more minutes"
can't get movie disk out of my 4 month old RS-TX20.
tried disconnecting power, cable, phone...same cycling.
what happened? did tivo try some sort of upgrade which failed and now
machine doesn't have any memory?
closest service center is 3 hrs away, can they reprogram the machine?
i would like to try a few suggestions before i make the trip.
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this happened to my box this morning also. Toshiba sd4400
Your hard drive probably failed. Is your Tivo still under warranty? If so, you'll want to exchange or repair it under warranty. If not, you can buy replacement hard drives from several of the advertisers here (Weaknees, 9thTee, PTVUpgrade). Or you can re-image a hard drive yourself using the instructions in Weaknees' post at the top of the Tivo Upgrade Center Forum here.

As far as removing a stuck disk goes, I'm not sure. Check your manual to see if there's a "manual eject" button or hole. Most computer drives have a small hole that you can trigger a manual eject with a paper clip.
I'm having the exact same problem. DVD in the drive, cycling through same two screens, etc. What did you do to fix your problem?
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