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I just got my Samsung SIR-S4040R yesterday, an ebay deal. Right away ran into the "right side not detected" problem. I think I've read everything on the topic, here and on other boards. Most suggest some cable or connector problem and there must be something to this because some people fixed there problem with a cabling change.

My problem seems to be the 18/13vdc that switches the LNB between the ODD and EVEN channels. A voltmeter on SAT 2 rf connector will change between 13 and 18vdc as you go through the transponder test. However, when testing SAT 1 the voltage remains fairly constant at about 6.8vdc, about half of what the LNB wants to see to switch the channel to ODDs.

I found that there are "phantom" power supplies that will provide the 18/13vdc and would like to know if anyone has tried this and can say if it works or not as a fix for "right side not detected"?

Also I do not currently need a multiswitch but was wondering if the "powered" models also supply this switching voltage to the LNB?

Would suggest to others having this problem to check the voltage at the SAT IN connetors, and if that is good to check it at the LNB end to see if you still get 18/13. If your good at the receiver but not at the LNB then you have a cable/connector problem.
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