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Using current satellite technology this is what's required. The multswitch MUST have both odd and even transponders available at all times to all outputs, or you end up with the problem you have now. The only way to get both odd and even at the same time is to have seperate lines to the dish which are locked into either odd or even.[/QUOTE]

We have dual LNB, old original DirecTV receiver in one room TIVO in other room.
No problems with any channels on old receiver, but TIVO is doing the "No right side signal" thing & no signal on all even transponders. TIVO unit has been replaced still have problem. From what I've read here it is probably a multiswitch or the LNB. If only one unit is having problems do you think it is more likely the multiswitch that is bad or is it possible for 1/2 of a dual LNB to go bad? This is a really stupid question, but if my dish & LNB are 7 years old, would it have a multiswitch?

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