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DVR Showcase TiVo Test 2- What???

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Earl or anyone else-

Ran across this in the guide data about an hour ago-

It was set to record.

I just checked 5 minutes ago, and guide data has been removed. I managed a picture, but it's too large to upload.

It is still in my to do list.

It was set to record on ch 582 Wed morning at 3:05am CST- 14 minutes long and the title was 'DVR Showcase TiVo Test 2'.

Any inside info on this?

Just a point of curiosity, that's all.
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Just the TiVo recording the Showcase videos. Mine have been doing that about the same time.
I know that Jim. Showcases always record around that time.

Titles usually record as 'DVR Showcase #xx', not TiVo Testing.

Looking for a little more of an explanation.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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