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Pt121 said:
No actual issues with Tivo itself, just with DirecTv-Tivo. I'd like a DVR that I can set myself to record regular local channel through an antenna independant of anything else. In other words, using a DVR instead of Tape or DVD. Not having to worry about swapping out a disk, having to erase or rewind it.

Sony and few others offer purely OTA HD DVRs with some type of guide data service (which is the real key; unless manual channel/time recordings are fine), but you will find that they cost $600-$800+.

PC solutions with network media extenders (or PC's directly hooked up to your TV) are also another option.

HDTivo and S3Tivo's have purely OTA capabilities as well (without need for cable cards), but you need to subscribe to "service" in order for the boxes to work.
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