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DVR-57H and Tivo to Go

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Perhaps the answer to my question is in here somewhere and I have just not found it yet. Can anyone tell me if Tivo ever opened up the Tivo to Go feature for the DVR-57H machines? I can look in my network and see it there but I cannot transfer anything from it. It says that the Media Key is temporarily unavailable. I have a series II machine on my network in my bedroom and I use this one constantly (it has the higher grade digital cable hooked up to it!). I would like to be able to do the transfer to portables from the 57H also though. Any help is appreciated, but, if I have wasted anyone's time by asking a redundant and annoying question, well, please pardon my ignorance!!
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T2G should work fine on the 57H systems.

Check system information on the 57H for the T2G values, they should read a,a,a and not i,i,i.
Go to Manage My Account on tivo.com and check that you have T2G enabled for this system.
A fully subbed Pioneer Tivo will have full T2G/MRV/HMO/HME/TTCB.

With just Tivo Basic, there are no networking features, beyond getting updates.
Yeah, what classicat said,

The Pioneers work with TiVoToGo and TiVoToGoBack, but only with a full subscription (monthly or lifetime). TiVo Basic does not allow any of the network transfers, only online schedule downloads.

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