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If you can get the outer cover to open up without breaking anything. Then look on the inside and see if there is a small pinhole on the DVD drive. If there is get a paper clip a push it into the end that should manually eject the disk. keep in mind that it won't open very and you will need to pull it open the rest of the way to get the disk out.

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Here's what I do:

- Straighten out a paper clip.
- Starting at the left edge of the "light bar" under the DVD tray, insert the paper clip in the space under the light bard and and slide it along. About an inch or so, you will feel a hole, where the paper clip can be inserted.
- Gently insert the paper clip into the hole. Try to insert it straight into the hole. You will feel some resistance. Keep pressing until the tray ejects.

Hope that helps,
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