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Do you mean DVDRs? If so all but the absolute cheapest should play them without much problem. Personally I have gotten good performance from Pioneer and Panasonic players.

One thing to check, make sure the player is compatable with the media you are burning.
DVDR+, DVDR- ect.

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Most newer (within the last couple of years or so) DVD players are specifically designed to play home-burned DVD's.

When shopping for a player, look for specific compatibility; many will say right on the unit what kinds of discs they are compatible with. Many, but not all, will also play VR mode DVD-RW's.

I've personally had good luck with Sony DVD players. The newer ones will not only play home-burned discs of all types except DVD-RAM, but will also play VR mode discs.

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I just got the Sony DVP-CX995V 400 disk DVD player/changer. It is a GREAT player and after setup it makes my 200+ DVD/CD/JPEG colection almost as accessable as the movies an my TiVos.

So far it has handled everything I have tried to play without any problems even jpes sets that were simply burned as data.

THe only problem I have seen is one disk burned with my Persidian DVD burner failed to play properly but the other 75 or so have played fine. I believe that the disk, itself, was defective rather than any problem with either the player or burner. One out of 75 at the price of $20.00 for 25 is not too bad.

But one question for those that have been burning longer than I. Is there any difference in reliability for +Rs or -Rs. So far I have used -Rs but my burner and player handles both and the burner manual seems to express no preference.
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