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DVD Burning and Upgrading Memory

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Hey everyone!

I bought a Toshiba SH400 and thought that it had DVD burning capibilities. It doesn't!! I'm wondering if anyone knows whether I can switch the DVD drive with a burner somehow or if there is an easy way to burn my saved shows to disk? If anyone has any advice I would be forever in your debt!

Also, if I wanted to upgrade the memory would I have to buy a chip from Toshiba? Or do the one's purchased from TiVo do the trick?

Thanks everyone! Cheers!
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No, it can't be modded to become a DVD burning unit. There is no way to upgrade the memory RAM on this unit, unless you like surface mount soldering. You'd probably have to burn a custom EEPRom too. You can upgrade the hard drive to make room for more recordings though...... See www.weaknees.com
If you subscribe to the full TiVo service (not just the TiVo Basic that comes with the unit) you can use TiVoToGo to transfer recordings from your TiVo to your computer and then burn them from there. Definitely not as quick and easy as it is with a TiVo/DVD recorder unit, but it does work and it does give you the ability to edit the recordings to remove commercials and other things if that is important to you.
i transfered a movie from my tivo to my computer and do not know how to transfer to a dvd. my computer can record to a dvd but can't figure out how to transfer movie from computer. can you tell me in layman's terms not real big on computer stuff.
The only official way to do this is to buy Roxio 9 for your PC or if you have a Mac to buy Toast. If you have a PC there are other ways to burn to DVD, but they are a bit more technical. I have a TiVo with a DVD burner integrated, so I've never bothered to figure out exactly how I would do this from the computer.

I think the latest TiVo desktop will do this if you buy the licence key. I'm not sure...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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