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DVD - burn end of Football GAME only!

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I have 10 bowl games in the box.
I want to burn the last half hour or 15 minunts of some of these games onto ONE DVD.
For example the Michigan game - do not want it all just the last half hour.
How can I grab just the end and place it on the DVD along with the ends of a few other bowl games so I just have one DVD with the end of 4 or 5 games?

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Sorry, you can't do this with any of the TiVo DVD recorders. They only burn a complete recording, no editing, no fragments.

You'd have to use TiVoToGo to transfer them to a PC, then edit them there and burn the disc on the PC.
Another option... record the segments you want to an attached VCR, then do the VCR-->Tivo record, then burn to disc. You may lose some quality, but you can do it much faster than transfering entire games to PC and editing there.
Do you have a stand alone dvd burner or one of those combo dealies?
I have a Toshiba with a built in DVD-rw.
Weeknees put in a larger hard drive.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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