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Dumb Question--can I watch one channel live while recording another?

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OK, after 7 years with a Series2, which I still use and love, I have finally gotten a premiere, so I can still watch TV while my now teenage sons watch whatever cr&p they recorded or record more of it. Question--can I watch live TV while recording on another channel? I had assumed so, but now that I look at everything, it always says "record 2 shows while watching a previously recorded show". It never really says I can. I have combed through the forums, and not found it explicitly. Thanks in advance, sorry for asking a question that has no doubt been asked many times before.

On another note, I pulled out about 3 miles of cables and connectors I no longer need from behind my entertainment center, that were hooking up all the various paths between TV, Tivo and home theater, so I could still watch TV (some channels) while something was recording, or watch live TV in HD for football games and such. That was a fantastic feeling!
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You're right, dumb question :). Seriously though, Yes you can record on one tuner and watch live on the other. There are two tuners available, what you do with them is up to you.
As long as one tuner is free, TiVo will use that tuner when you try to change the channel, so yes, you can do what you want pretty easily.
Thanks, seemed like that should be the case. I guess I would have found out when I set it up, but I still have Comcast to deal with this Saturday. They came out today, only to realize they didn't bring the cable card with them. I am really looking forward to the upgrade.


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