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Dual Tuner channel problems in Pasadena

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I just got a series 2 dual tuner Tivo and my cable company is Charter Communications in Pasadena. Everything is set up correctly, but for some reason, some (not all) of the channels are not showing the right video. Example: channel 6 is supposed to be Nickelodeon, and when I enter that channel either by pressing the numbers or selecting it in the guide, the tivo info screen will say that I'm on channel 6, but the video will be from KTLA channle 5. And when I select cahnnel 5, it's also something different. But some channels are correct. What's happening?
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Are you sure you chose the correct channel lineup during guided set up?
Hi Mick, yes, I'm sure, and even did the setup a second time to double check.

A friend in Pasadena ended up showing multiple channel options in her tivo guide when she got her dual tuner. So when she hits the guide button, she'll show KTLA twice, once as channel 5 and once as channel 6.

But my guide doesn't show the multiple options, so when I'm setting season passes, I don't have the option of picking the channel number that the video correctly corresponds with. I called Tivo about it but they were no help.
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