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I have a Tivo brand Series 2 Dual Tuner and a Scientific Atlanta digital cable box serviced by Cox Communications. Right now channels 1 through 60 something (we will say 65) are handled by the analog tivo tuner and it can tune to 2 analog channels at the same time (as expected). If I watch/tivo something on say channel 200 my Tivo will change to the digital cable box and then use the IR transmitters to change to the channel. So I can watch/tivo 1 digital channel and 1 analog channel at a time (as expected).

The problem is that my digital box provides a noticeably better picture compared to the analog input. Now it isn't HD but it is better, besides I cant afford an HD TV anyways. I have just been living through this for a while but now it is football season! Many games are on channels 10, 12 and 15. My tivo will only let my tune to these using analog which just isn't good enough when my digital box is just sitting idle.

[my 1st work around]
1 split the AV cords of my digital box output so that it went to my tivo AND to my TV. Then I just watched the game live. This slightly dropped the quality and I obviously couldn't pause or rewind.

[my 2nd work around]
I went into my tivo settings and told tivo I only get channels 10, 12, and 15 on the digital box. This worked great! Until there was a game on 12 and a game on 15 at the same time, then I had to choose which game I wanted to record. This defeats the purpose of having dual tuner model.

I am using the 2nd work around for now but I have to go into the channels area OFTEN and change things around to get things to work perfectly. Also I have to be home for this.

What I need is for a Tivo master to help me out. As far as I can tell there is no way to connect to 2 digital boxes. Is there a way to tell Tivo to use the digital box for ANY channel and use the analog for a backup when the digital box is already in use?

I thank anyone who took the time to read my long post and will love you even more if you can help me out!

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If channels 10, 12 and 15 are available on both the analog input cable as well as thru the cable box, they should have both been picked up when you ran Guided Setup if you told Tivo you had both cable and cablebox.

Most people unselect the channels 1-65 from the cablebox list in Channels I Receive just so they can maintain the dual tuner functionality for the higher digital channels.

However, in your case (and for many others also) you prefer to watch these channels thru the box (possibly your provider is using analog-digital simulcast, providing a digital version thru the box). In that case you could leave these channels as selected for the cable AND the cablebox.

The problem is, there is no way to tell Tivo which one to use. Many people have theorized that Tivo gives preference to the cable channel first, but others say it is random.

In your case if you want to watch two channels (from 10, 12,15) at the same time you could switch to one one thru the cablebox (identified as such in the guide) and begin a manual recording. Then switch tuners to get the other straight from cable and again begin a manual recording.

Not pretty, but effective.

BTW, there is no way to use two cable boxes. And yes, Tivo will use the analog version as a backup if the cablebox is busy.

If you are setting up the recordings thru a Season Pass you can direct Tivo to the box by selecting the cablebox channel version when you set up the season pass.
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