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DRT800 Transferred Video Issues

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I currently have a Humax DRT800, and I am having a problem watching video's transferred from my PC.
The video's do play, but they video is moved to the bottom of my TV, and they have a lot of video grain, and digital lines going threw.
The audio plays fine, but it is un watchable in the current state.
Although when I hit pause, or scan the video appears fine, but when I go back to normal play, the problem accurse.

This is actually my second DRT800, I had the same problem with one before along with the remote problem, so I sent in for a replacement, thinking it would fix these problems, but NO.

Also in my house I have a Pioneer TIVO, that plays the PC files no problem. I forget what encoder I am using, but every single file plays fine on the pioneer, so I do not see why it wouldn't play on the Humax

I am getting very frustrated and was wondering if anyone has had the same problem, and if so if there are any solutions.

I am about to give up on HUMAX....
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I had problems with video transfered to my Humax, they would play fine on a SA Tivo but not the DRT-800 and the picture was something like you describe. I was starting from an AVI file and eventually solved the problem by converting to ac3 audio instead of mp2. Also make sure the recording is in a resolution Tivo supports.
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