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OK, got a refurbed Bolt (the black one) a while ago with Lifetime. Upgraded the hard drive to that Toshiba one that was supposed to work well.
Anyway, last week I noticed this, while trying to view a program that was recorded on that Bolt (but was streaming it to my other Bolt in another room): All sorts of pixelation/skipping/etc. I figured maybe the program/station itself had issues.

Last night it had just finished recording Dr. Pimple Popper, so I went to watch it (on the actual Bolt this time) and it does the same thing. So I went to the "live" recording of "My Feet Are Killing Me". Live looks just fine (it's recording). I rewind about 30 seconds and it's all garbled. I then fast forward and watch "live" for 5 minutes. All fine. Rewind a 30-60 seconds--all garbled.

BUT other show that was recording at the same time (different channel/show obviously) is fine.

So not sure if it's a "spot" on the hard drive, or what? I'd think if it was the tuner, then "live" TV should show the same artifacts, yes?
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