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Dr Who -utopia - 9/21 spoilers

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It doesn't get much better than this. I was on the edge of my seat thru almost the whole episode. Wonderful way it played and tied into other episode. And you know, with his get up, I was wondering about the professor.

But it was nice to have Jack and the Doctor together again....

"Well hello...."
"stop it"
"Can't I say hello to anyone?"
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Is the guy at the end of the episode the same actor in "Life on Mars"?
TivoSlinger said:
Is the guy at the end of the episode the same actor in "Life on Mars"?
WOW! Incredible episode! That was one of the cruelest cliffhangers ever. Usually the cliffhanger is monsters slowly approaching our heroes or the unexpected return of someone-this was downright evil!!
Where is everyone watching this? I get it through CBC canadian here in detroit.
mclark11 said:
Where is everyone watching this? I get it through CBC canadian here in detroit.
Sci fi Channel.

BBCA is also showing it, but they're behind scifi as far as where they are episode wise.
I finally gave in to all the Doctor Who hype.

Set up season passes for the Sci Fi airings, the BBCA airings, and the local PBS chanel airings, along with a wishlist for any other ones that sneak in.

I'll give it a month or so and see what I get, so I can watch from the beginning-est possible.

Printed out an episode guide that shows them in order so I'll know which are the oldest.

After watching Torchwood and finding out it is a spin off of Doctor Who, figured I'd better get watching the Dr.

Torchwood rocks!
A Master evil Timelord! WooHoo!

I love this show damnit!

Rob :)
Great episode. I'm not fully up on the Master's backstory, and don't need spoilers that are surely rampant on the 'net (especially Wikipedia). Does anyone know how many regenerations the Master has had? Spoiler for those who never watched the original:
I thought he'd used all of his though I may thinking of someone else. Or did the number reset after stealing the body of Teegan's father, uncle, whatever?
this is the sixth regeneration of the Master

They claim the anagram of Mister Saxon as
Master No. Six
was unintentional, but a fantastic coincidence.

dianebrat said:
this is the sixth regeneration of the Master
Uh, no.
There have been six incarnations of The Master on-screen, but the first of these (Roger Delgado) was the thirteenth regeneration. Subsequent incarnations up until the Silly Clown were not regenerations, but rather various other means of extending his life. It is logical, though not explicitly stated, that when the Time Lords resurrected him, he got a new set of lives, of which he has apparently now used two.
As I show my lack of decent Doctor knowledge, thanks Rob!

(puts on "rookie hat")
Well, it's hard to keep up with, what with 40+ years of history!

(Remind me to tell you about the time I pitched a Doctor Who script to John Nathan Turner and Anthony "The Master" Ainley in a hotel bar in Chicago, and hung out with Sarah "Nyssa" Sutton...)
I didn't think they could top last week's episode. I loved the interplay between Jack and this Doctor.

"Have you had work done?"
"Look who's talking!"

That may not be an exact quote but you get the idea.

Martha's beginning to get on my nerves.
I've loved Torchwood, and it got me to backpedal into Doctor Who, which I had brushed off several years ago, so I came into this only knowing Jack from the Torchwood side where he's very much the leader, it's interesting to see him here (and now in catching up, previously in DW) where he's so clearly not the leader and enamored of the Doctor.

While I still see the Jack I love, he's a very different Jack.
Thanks, Rob. From your post I see I have some catching up to do.
It was nice to get the backstory on Jack as well - it certainly clears up all the flashbacks they showed in Torchwood and explains how he ended up where he is now.
PJO1966 said:
Martha's beginning to get on my nerves.
You're not going to care too much for the next two episodes then.... :D
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