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Download TV/movies stuck at "Please Wait"

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My S2 has 9.1-01-2-140. It is connected via wired USB to my router. I have not had it connected for long, so I have not used any of the broadband features for long.

When I go to the "Download TV and movies", it just sits there with a black screen and says "Please Wait". It never leaves this state by itself.

I test the connection by forcing a connection to TiVO and it works fine. I can then push the Tivo button on the remote and it goes back to Tivo Central. I have restarted it a few times, but it stays the same.

Anybody else seeing this, or have suggestions ?

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I have Series 2 with the new 9.1 software and it hangs up at this also. Tivo support just tellls me to reboot. Unplug wait and plug back in. The Cust. service rep said that I could always go to the Amazon unbox on the PC to get a movie to download....really a big help there??? She said they were having server problems. But several days later the problem still exists.

Before the 9.1 software update. I was able to go to the Amazon unbox downloads, but not after.
I have seen the TiVo hang like this both before and after the 9.1 update. I think it might have to do with how busy the servers are. I just hit the TiVo button to get to the main menu, then try again. Sometimes it works right off, other times I have to wait a while.
I don't have the 9.1 update yet, and it just starting doing the same thing on my Tivo. I noticed it was especially bad Friday and Saturday (when everyone is trying to DL the Weekend Unbox specials, no doubt...)
Add me to the list. The only way I can get it to work is to force a reboot by unplugging it. I don't think the amount of activity of the Tivo server is the problem. If it were then a reboot would not allow it to work.
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