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How come when I go to 'Download TV and Movies' nothing happens. Blank screen, with Tivo tags above.

I have internet connection, and amazon unbox account. But nothing. Actually none of my internet stuff is working... Yahoo traffic, Yahoo weather, etc.

Any thoughs?

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Last night, I had to reboot the computer so I rebooted modem and router, but NOT the Tivo.

I ordered some TivoCasts and after a while I noticed they were downloading.
They were done this morning when I got up, and I thought "well, that'll be the last I see until the next reboot".

But to my surprise, I noticed downloading going on when I got home from work, so I don't know what the problem could be.
I'll wait and see if I get my "regularly scheduled" Tivocasts this week.

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My 2 Tivos are both suffering from horrible lag while in 'Download TV and Movies'. Every button press takes about 30 seconds to get a response while navigating the TivoCasts menu and Amazon Unbox. But the various HME apps under Music, Photos & More are all working fine. Any suggestions?
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