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Dog Whisperer new network?

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I got to thinking last night that my TiVo hadn't recorded Dog Whisperer in a long time.

So I checked and apparently at some time it went off the National Geographic channel to a new channel, National Geographic Wild. Didn't even know I had such a channel. :eek:

Well at least I caught it in time for the new season that appears to start tomorrow. But, now I have to figure out the last time I saw an episode and what I may have missed. :mad:
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on a related note, does anyone with time-warner in north texas receive this channel? it's 772 on my system and it arrived as an sd channel although the 700-tier is all hd. i recorded dog whisperer on it for many months, but one day it disappeared and then reappeared in hd (with the same channel#), but i could no longer receive it.

i have so many problems with my cable cards and tuning adaptor i really really hate to call the idiots at time-warner to complain about a single channel--they are totally capable of wiping out all my channels in an attempt to fix one of them.

I caught the ad this week as well. New SP set!
Wow! I just searched it and nothing comes up, so I guess I don't get that other channel. That sucks!
Did you ever get Fox Reality? It was supposed to replace that one.
i just got fox reality week-before-last, afaik i never had it before, but that's the sort of channel i might have erased to begin with. but, in any event, ngwild is still missing.

Contact your cable or dish company. Fox Reality is showing only repeats. It is like a zombie channel. National Geographic Wild has fairly newish programming though I haven't watched anything on it in a while. The fact you do want to watch a show on it proves it has more value than Fox Reality.
The fact you do want to watch a show on it proves it has more value than Fox Reality.
It has more value to him. You can't generliaze to everybody else. I also like NGW better than Fox Reality, but there are plenty of other people who don't feel that way.

I have Directv and I wish NGW was in HD.
Fox Reality was probably good until it went into repeating everything. No new shows.
if i was to do a channel scan to see if this ngwild channel would show back up, would it clear out all my channel settings such as channels i'd marked that i didn't received?

couldn't do a channel scan, evidently because of tuning adaptor. time-warner told me that this channel was only available on a package or tier limited to those using their dvr. sounds ifffy, but who knows ...

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