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Does this concept work for HDVR2 w/ dead 2nd tuner?

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I've already asked a few questions about my 'stock' HDVR2 (unmodified exc. for upgraded 80GB drive from Weaknees). I'm reasonably certain that its 2nd tuner really is dying, since the usual fix (using only composite video output) eventually didn't work.

I have a 2nd HDVR2 that I'm subscribing (upgraded to Zippered 160GB drive, woohoo!) that'll go where the current one is (living room).

What I'd like to do with the one I'm taking out of the living room is to put it in another room, eventually wiping/zippering (to 6.2a!)/networking it. It's set to run w/ one tuner now. But I noticed when I borrowed the 2nd cable last night (to download sat data into 2nd HDVR2) that it lost some channels and started giving me the "No Signal on Sat 2" msg.

Here's the question- will an HDVR2 set up as a single tuner work with just one cable attached from the dish? The other room only have one line run to it now, and it'd be simpler not to have to run a 2nd line. Thanks!
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Run a single line to input 1 and tell the box that in the setup menu and all SHOULD be well
Thanks. I suspected that the messages came from unhooking the cable while it was running. Doing this really made the 6.3 issues (black screen flashes) go kinda nuts. I ended up re-booting. Also discovered this AM that it had locked up again- best I could tell was that it might have coincided with a 2:31 AM phone-in to DTV.
The other interesting thing that happened is that this unit froze up again. Somewhere in that re-boot cycle (I think), it decided on its own that it had 2 tuners again.

The sucky part is that it proceeded to record the Heroes premiere last night on that (crappy) 2nd tuner. I had to power it down, physically unhook the 2nd cable, and then restart and go through guided setup again to get it back to 1 tuner.

FWIW, a quick survey of the signal strength showed that transponders 23, 25, and 32 on the 101 sat were dropping to zero signal every few seconds. I didn't check the other sats.
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